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Introducing Levin Wines – The Levin vineyards in the Loire Valley

Did you know that David Levin who created the The Levin Hotel and our sister hotel, The Capital, makes wonderful French wines in the Loire Valley?

The wines produces by LEVIN WINES are sold in some of the UK’s top bars and restaurants including, of course, The Knightsbridge Bistro at the The Levin Hotel.

David Levin established Levin Wines in 1986 and has been producing wine for more than 30 years. The wines are grounded in the terroir, history and traditions of the Loise region in France. They are made using modern, organic, wine-making techniques and farmed with organic and biodynamic viticulture practices – to pursue a pure expression of Sauvignon Blanc from it’s original home, The Loire.

Mr Levin at the Levin Winery

David Levin overseeing the vineyards.


First the very best terrain was selected on parcels of land in Bourré, Choussy and Oisly to plant vines, then David’s yearly travels to Australia introduced him to New World practices, not then used in Europe, and so, a winery was designed in South Australia and built on the estate in 2003.

Today, David’s wife, Lynne Levin, manages the domaine and LEVIN WINES export to 14 countries. Lynne has overseen the expansion of production to 150,000 bottles per year, the development of the premium cuvée MISTER L and MADAME L and the village Le Vin de LEVIN labels, the process for organic certification in both the vineyards and winery and is a passionate ambassador for the wines all over the world.


mr and mrs levin export Levin wines to 14 countries worldwide

Today David and Lynne export to 14 countries worldwide.

In 2005, LEVIN began to use biodynamic pulverizations and green fertiliser to stimulate the microbiological life into the soils and improve the vines’ natural immunity system and have since been Certified Organic.


Levin Wine at The Levin Hotel in Knightsbridge


The range of Levin Wines are listed below – have you tasted them? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook.

Premium Curvee Winesmade only in exceptional vintages
MISTER L Sauvignon Blanc is from our Clos Rosier vineyard and barrel fermented for 9 months in new French oak. Grapefruit citrus mingles with exotic aromas of mango, apricot and nectarine, hints of coconut and vanilla, with wild mint. (Concours Mondial Sauvignon 2013 – GOLD and Sommelier Wine Awards 2010 – GOLD.)
MADAME L Gamay is made from 44-year-old Gamay vines, hand-picked and foot trod (by Madame L herself!). It’s complex and savoury, with seductive characters of cherries and plums and hints of violets, spice, chocolate, nougat and liquorice, with silky texture and excellent length.
LEVIN Noble Sauvignon Blanc is made only when the conditions for botrytis are right in our outstanding vineyard in Bourré, it has refreshingly lifted aromas of honeysuckle and elderflower with subtle notes of apricot, anise and apple blossom

Flagship Wines
LEVIN Sauvignon Blanc is renowned for its crisp refreshing citrus aromas, exotic fruit notes and hints of wild mint under-pinned by flinty minerality. (Concours Mondial Sauvignon 2013 – GOLD)
LEVIN Rosé is made from 100% Gamay grapes, there is a subtle mineral edge, red berry persistence with clean crisp acidity which refreshes the palate.
LEVIN Gamay has characteristic lavender and violet, cherry, chocolate and leather aromas, with a silky, spicy, savoury palate.

Village Wines
Le Vin de LEVIN Sauvignon Blanc is refreshing and crisp, with notes of fresh green apple, honeydew and lemon on its a generous palate.
Le Vin de LEVIN Gamay is savoury yet luscious with concentrated of berry fruit, with hints of forest wood, spice, lavender and violets.
Le Vin de LEVIN Rosé is made from Pinot Noir and shows sweet and sour berries, violets, lavender and bright acidity.

Pop into The Knightsbridge Bistro at The Levin Hotel and enjoy a glasses of Levin Wine.

Introducing Levin Wines – The Levin vineyards in the Loire Valley
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