So you say you want a revolution?

At The Levin we are lucky to have many of London’s best museums within walking distance of our front door, and with guests always looking for recommendations on the best things to see and do we thought we would check out the newest exhibit at the V&A.

After a short stroll down to South Kensington we popped on our headset and entered straight into 1966 and “Swinging London” where a revolution on youth identity centred on the King’s Road and Carnaby Street, and the world  experimented with music, art and literature.

The Levin Hotel V&A Revolution

Then we headed deep into civil unrest as people around the world took to the streets in protest of the Vietnam war, poverty and inequality.

The Levin V&A Exhibit

With the sudden availability of a Credit Card the world faced an unprecedented rise in consumerism and advertising, including a look at some hilarious, albeit unintentionally, TV adverts that would certainly raise more than a few eyebrows today.

The Levin V&A revolution exhibit

In rebellion at this new mass consumerism alternative lifestyles gained popularity, with the West Coast of America pioneering new communities where there inhabitants embraced a ‘back to the land’ approach to living.

We enter this phase of rebellion with a trip back to 1969 and Woodstock, the festival of peace and music. Pull up a beanbag, lie back on the (faux) grass and experience the ground-breaking festival for yourself.

The Levin V&A final

We loved this whirlwind journey from 1966-1970, offering a fascinating insight into life for young people in this era and how it has shaped our lives today. And of course it is all set to an excellent soundtrack featuring everything from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones to The Kinks and everything in between.

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You say you want a revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 -1970 is at the V&A Museum, South Kensington until Sunday 26 February.

Admission: Adults £16 Children 0-11 Go Free Concession and family rates available.

So you say you want a revolution?
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