The Levin Hotel’s Chandelier

Our iconic Levin Hotel chandelier by Sharon Marston always amazes new guests and team members alike.

The enormity of the hotel stairwell provided a rare opportunity for The Levin family to commission this dramatic piece by renowned lighting designer Sharon Marston. The custom designed Levin Hotel Chandelier drops an awe inspiring 18 metres through the central column, softening the space and scattering colour and light throughout.

The Levin Hotel Chandelier

Sharon Marston specialises in the design and creation of bespoke sculptural light installations on an architectural scale. The studio has won international acclaim for its range of breathtaking chandeliers, vibrant backdrops and luxurious room dividers and has pioneered the use of fibre optic technology in bespoke lighting. Each design introduces the light source through the specialised use of fibre optic filaments, which, combined with colour and form, give the work its signature theatricality.

As well as the Levin Hotel Chandelier, Sharon Marston studio have produced light installations for many of the top hotels in the world as well as public buildings and private residences. They have a unique skill to create a feature which is both striking yet perfectly suited to that brand.

Each piece is designed and hand-crafted in Sharon Marston’s London-based studios to the highest standards. The colour, size and finish of our chandelier were all tailored to our individual specifications to ensure that the work sits perfectly within its destined surroundings.

The amazing Levin Hotel Chandelier in Knightsbridge


See the chandelier for yourself with this new 360 image on our Facebook.

The Levin Hotel’s Chandelier
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